the business training specialists.

Amecus conducts leading-edge coaching for business leaders in companies throughout South Africa and beyond

We are qualified and experienced Business Coaches and are proficient in the use of multiple proven coaching models and tools aimed at superior performance. We adopt a pragmatic solutions-based approach to our coaching, and we draw on our business experience in the world of corporate success. The coaching method integrates professional business goals with personal aspiration and mission. This practical approach yields 3 outcomes:
  1. Long-term excellence
  2. Goal-directed behaviour
  3. Ability to self-manage and self-correct

We also draw on business experience in the world of corporate success.  We coach how to overcome everyday setbacks or disappointments; and how to use them to attain life-goal achievements, to become what we are fully capable of becoming.

The coaching process is supported by the use of a personal coaching manual, which each delegate receives on commencement. This handbook provides structure for each session, as well as giving the delegate a sequenced logic to the coaching process. The coaching format is structured, but is also flexible, providing both a roadmap and timeline. Results of the coaching have been universally exceptional. References at all client companies are available.